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ISBN#: 1-59596-305-7
January 27, 2006
Changeling Press LLC
Pages:  Unavailable
Sci-Fi, Gay, Menage
Rating: 4 Cups

Coltas Oldarie comes from Belthola, a world where homosexuality is the norm for a select group of men called the Maleri’. The Maleri’, because of their special empathic gifts, work in high level positions which include healing, diplomacy, and mediation. However, their gifts come with a price. Their mental shields can only take on so much energy over time and eventually they reach a critical point when the only way to safely drain it off without adverse effects to their health is to find their mates and bond with them. When Col reaches the point that his shields are having trouble sustaining him, he goes to Earth, the preferred mate hunting grounds for the Maleri’.

Matthew Ashton is the man Col finds when he searches Earth’s brainwaves for the one who is to be his match. He is a shy, somewhat emotionally vulnerable man who lives with his brother Eric. He also has a secret pain, one which Col inadvertently triggers upon first meeting him.

When Matthew initially meets Col by literally crashing into him while playing football with his brother, he likes what he sees, but when Col attempts to form the mate bond, Matthew recoils in pain and rejects him. In a race against time Col must find a way to reach Matthew before his shields fail completely or he could go insane.

I truly enjoyed this book. Ms. Steele tells the love story of Col and Matthew with sensitivity and imagination. She made me believe there could be worlds out there which are more tolerant than our own. It was a delight to read about two such wonderful men finding each other and pursuing a loving relationship. I highly recommend Bond of the Maleri’: Mate Hunt to anyone who enjoys erotic love stories with a twist.

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