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ISBN# (10)0425-22354X/(13)978-0425-223543
October 2008
Berkeley Trade (Imprint of Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
336 Pages
Vampire/Supernatural Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Stephanie Amanda Reynolds, or Steve, is a Texas Ranger on the hunt for a serial killer. Her suspicions point to a vampire and Steve knows all about vampires; after all she has been one’s lover off and on for fifteen years.

Ethan Templeton not only lends a hand on some of Steve’s tough cases, but he knows how to pleasure her from head to toe. Even though he is drawn to her in many ways, many obstacles stand in their way keeping them apart.

When innocent women of Texas are targeted and murdered, Steve is certain it points to vampires but refuses to believe any of Ethan’s friends are responsible. This killer comes from some place else. When she needs help, on any case, or to satisfy her hunger in the bedroom, she turns to Ethan. There is nothing that Ethan would not do for Steve, even allow her to share in his immortal life, but doing so would only allow Don Rafael Perez to pronounce execution to Ethan. Perez is considered the vampire patron of Texas and the only one to turn anyone into a vampire. While the search for the killer continues, Steve’s life is put in jeopardy, leaving Ethan to take a big gamble for the woman he loves, not only with the killer but with Perez.

Bond of Darkness is full of action-packed drama. From the moment the story unfolds, it is like a fast-moving tornado immediately sweeping up the reader into the stirring events. Steve is a top-notch heroine and the attraction she feels for Ethan deepens every time they are together. Just watching how they face up to certain realities made me love this dynamic couple even more. Ethan’s deep admiration is so genuine as he realizes Steve, being human, will die of old age. Even his concern if she were to become like him, she would have to give up having a family, made it qualities that stood out, and unforgettable. Diane Whiteside is a talented storyteller who pens a tale with likeable characters, and secondary ones that had just enough bite to make this a gratifying read.

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