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ISBN# (10)0061240257/(13)9780061240256
April 1, 2008
William Morrow (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York
320 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Alice Cole travels to Philadelphia when tragedy strikes. After a fever kills her mother and brothers, she is left alone with her father. Once the boat comes to land, seven-year-old Alice finds her father has made her an indentured servant.

Emery Verley of Medfield marries Abigail(Nabby)Morton and in return, Nabby is given Alice to be her servant. Emery proves that once in his home, he is the boss and what he desires, he takes.

Alice is left alone with her father after the tragic deaths of her mother and brothers, but when her father signs papers giving her to John Morton for her services, Alice feels completely lost. She may never see Philadelphia. She discovers much work at the Morton home and Mr. Morton is kind to her. When Alice turns fifteen, and his daughter Nabby marries Emery, Alice learns she is being given to Nabby for service. Emery proves to be a tyrant, taking what he wants, even Alice on occasion. He will do to her what he wishes and she cannot say a word. Alice no longer wishes this position, as she seeks some form of escape. Fearing for her life, she flees to Cape Cod, using Alice Baker as her name, stating she is from Boston. She does not wish to leave any trace for Emery to locate her. Thanks to her alias, she finds friendship with a kind-hearted widow and her lawyer-friend. Believing that perhaps she has found a solace for all her misery, she thinks she will never be free with the threat of Emery if her past finds its way to her door.

Bound is a well-written read told in such a remarkable way that it hooks the reader and sends them into the journey with Alice. One can feel the pain with the loss of her family members, not to mention seeing the desperation layered on her face when her father signs papers making her an indentured servant. I was in complete awe by the happenings in this masterpiece. Alice is very brave with all the trials she faces. Sally Gunning tells an extraordinary story that explodes with a young girl facing harsh conditions and gathering enough strength to find something better in life. Alice never gives up, and I commend her determination in this noteworthy read that comes highly recommended.

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