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The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Series

Book 1: Bound by Shadow
Book 2: Bound by Flame
Book 3: Bound by Light
Book 4: Captive Spirit
Book 5: Captive Soul
Book 6: Captive Heart

A Novel of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood
ISBN# (10): 0-345-49854-2 / (13): 978-0-345-49854-0 Paperback and (10): 0-345-50763-0/ (13): 978-0-345-50763-1 E-Book
August 2008
Ballantine Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
400 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cynda Flynn is different from others. She grew up playing with sparks and smoke and flame. After her father took her to the abbey with the nuns, she learned about the Sibyl’s and the burning flames. Learning she is a Sibyl, she bonds with the other Sibyl sisters.

Nick Lowell works as an undercover cop with the New York Occult Crime Unit (OCU). He has been living with the maniacs of the Legion for five years, infiltrating their group. Half human and half demon, he has worked with Cynda for about four months.

Growing up, Cynda is trained to be a Sibyl warrior priestess. Later she works alongside Nick. She tries never to form any attachment to him because she feels the only people reliable in her life have been the Sibyl sisters. To her, they are the only ones worth taking the risk in life. Teaming up with Nick and the OCU has its days. She wonders how his lips would taste on hers, but the more she considers, she pushes the thought aside. The Legion has been quiet for awhile and it is up to Nick to see what the cult is planning. Someone decides to get rid of one of the Sibyl sisters, causing Nick to worry that Cynda may be next. He does not want anything to happen to her. Cynda cannot believe one of the triad is dead. As the two are thrown into recent events, thoughts of losing Nick creep into Cynda’s mind. No matter what lay ahead of them, she knows she must never lose Nick, her triad, or even her Sibyl identity.

Bound by Flame is mind-blowing read. Cynda is literally one hot chick, and Nick is even hotter. Together they become highly combustible. All the secondary characters, the Sibyl’s, and the Mothers with the Nuns play an in-depth part in the story, making everything blend in wonderfully. I love where Nick carries Cynda over his shoulder amidst the flames. That was action at its best. I could feel Cynda’s loss when she believes she has lost everything in her life. I think the writing of Ms. Windsor is impeccable. She creates characters that stick in the mind long after the story is over.

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