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ISBN# (10)0-553-38413-9/(13)978-0-553-38413-0
December 26, 2007
Bantam Books (Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups


Emmeline Townsend is an heiress who learns much about sexual demons when she visits the Castle of the Hidden Grotto. She is surprised with certain actions when she enters the doors and witnesses such lewd conduct.

Lord Hardwyck escorts Emmeline to a French abode and enlightens her world with adventures that offer the absolute pleasure to any man, and fantasies to every woman.

Emmy had been warned before going to the Castle that demons populated the place often lending the guests a certain phenomena experience. She quickly learns that some of the doors open up to new explorations for her. Lord Hardwyck had no idea Emmy would search for his whereabouts and discover him cuddled with two women. As Emmy’s eyes are open to many of the taboos inside the castle, she decides to keep record of the experiences she encounters along her way. She discovers not only a sexual longing that quickly allows one to give in to temptations but friends in which she can confide.

Tutelage has a cast of various characters that reveal a number of provocative eye-opening events in this spicy, tantalizing story. Emmy is not afraid to allow her heart to spill out her true feelings. She comes to terms with things in her life while experiencing her own calling.

Slave Week

Caroline Keating was unaware that by attending a slave week for one week, she would be pumped with so many questions. She also learns for the entire week she is to wear the collar and cuffs, never removing them even to bath everyday.

David Childe, Lord Rexton is a Viscount, only at the slave week to handle the money and the contracts. As a partner at Burnham, Childe and Upcott, he has been called a cold-blooded viper. He really does not practice law, often luring rich clients to the firm.

Caroline is surprised at all the sexual questions and comments on the application. Should she be chosen to go on the block, the person who bids for her may inquire her to do certain secret activities. While in the buyer’s possession, her master can lend her out or do anything to her that he might see fit for the seven days. There are some things in sex she knows nothing about and other things she is uncertain if she can perform. Her experience is quite limited. After being grilled with questions on the application process, she reluctantly caves in to be a slave for a week. David makes sure he is the one to make a huge bid on Caroline. As her week begins, what Caroline thought would be harsh with a man who often wears a cruel mask, turns out to be an unusual experience. Can Caroline soften David’s public image for more than a week?

I liked this story the best. Slave Week instills deep-rooted characters that really reach down into their soul and end up bringing out their best. Caroline and David are a couple that I will not forget.

Magic Hour

Isabel Archer has never been the bell of the ball. She often lacks serious boyfriends considering she is just plain. By observing many things behind closed doors, it opens up new wide-eyed developments for Isabel.

Adrien Morel is the reason for Isabel’s nineteen year absence. He is pleased to see her again. When they first met, he too, was like a child coping with a messed up upside down world. He is glad to see her again after a long absence.

After her mother goes away with her latest boyfriend, Isabel is invited by her father to come and spend Christmas with him. Nineteen years have passed since she visited the Chateau des Freaks. Her father informs of his impending health problems. Soon she will replace him as the adminstrateur and he needs her to face some of the responsibilities. It is there she once again sees Adrien after all these years. She has not forgotten the one boy she bonded with so well at school. They were like kindred souls. It had even been hard for him to get up the nerve to kiss her. Now with their encounter after all the years, she wonders what kind of expectations possibly wait while she is home.

Magic Hour is a delightful tale about Adrien and Isabel and the years they have been apart. Learning about how they were in the younger days was sweet. These two characters seemed remarkably realistic.

Bound In Moonlight is the sequel to House of Dark Delights. Within these pages are three tales that carry heat, sizzle, and passion. The reader will find love with each couple. Louisa Burton forms well-developed characters, strong conversation and enough sparks to keep the fires always lit. For those who enjoy erotic journeys that lure the audience, these tales will satisfy in every way.

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