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ISBN #1-55410-627-3
July 2006
71 Pages
Humor/Science Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Brandi Whyne is a strong-willed, lusty woman who knows how to pilot a spaceship. Her lover and soul mate is Captain Robin Manhood. Brandi finds that it is truly not a hardship being with him since he brings her such wonderful sexual satisfaction. She has her work cut out for her, though, since Robin still feels the sting occasionally from being dumped by his past love, Marian.

Robin Manhood is pirate captain of the spaceship Purple Pulsating Parsnip. He has a perverted and adventurous collection of crewmembers. Robin has been chosen by the Goddess of Fun, Fertility, and Family Planning to be the one true love of Brandi Whyne. He definitely finds Brandi to his liking, and enjoys their highly explosive bedroom chemistry.

Robin introduces Brandi to the special discipline used aboard his ship to keep the crew in line. Of course, being whipped into a sexual frenzy with all the members watching and participating seems to be an unusual form of punishment. Robin begins to suspect a double agent in his mist and sets out to prove the theory. He decides to use Brandi in an undercover mission, which will literally put her under the covers, using her body to expose all kinds of secrets.

Chapter 2 of the Brandi Whyne series is a hilarious and erotically arousing romp of sexual antics and uproarious adventures. Ms. Chatillon has a cleverly twisted sense of humor. She has the ability to get her readers sexually aroused, while in the next breath you are laughing uproariously by all her crazy characters. I eagerly await the next installment to this series and the continuation of the escapades of Brandi.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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