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ISBN# 978-0-385-33687-1 (10) 0-385-33689-X
November 2006
Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$13.00 U.S./$17.00 Canada
416 Pages
Fiction – Literary/Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

A young couple remodels their new home to discover a diary with fascinating events about a young woman’s plight into a new world as she struggles to understand herself and life itself.

Year -1848 - Mina Pigot has no one. Orphaned and alone, she boards the ship Victoria with her good friend, Mr. Serle, for a new life in America. She also hopes to find her brother, Daniel.

Mr. Serle is not only Mina’s friend, but her good protector as well. Knowing the trades of being a chef, he feels he should be able to find work and freedom.

Mina is not certain about sailing to America on the huge ship to a new home of increased opportunities. She almost feels at the lenience of the ship and her new home. Going to a new land with freedom, she never realizes any possible danger to enter her life; she knows that Mr. Serle will be there for her protection. Mr. Serle, who is sort of an enigma, is lucky to find a job at a bustling hotel. At first Mina begins the job of salesgirl, then in no time she is working in the downstairs kitchen for a prominent family. She would love to marry Mr. Serle, even at the early age of fifteen she feels mature enough, but he lost a wife because of sickness, and a son who drowned, so he does not wish to feel the hurt that accompanies love again. While trying to seek her brother, she learns many new facets in New York that overwhelm her new life. Her feelings stir more for Mr. Serle, but when things suddenly change in her life, she wonders if she will ever have the fortune to tell him her true heart and find the opportunity to have a real chance at love.

Bread and Dreams is like opening an exquisite bottle of wine; that is how stylish and fine this book reads. Mina and Mr. Serle are so delightful together. I could picture her sitting there watching him as she read one of his books. When Mina told Mr. Serle that he was her truest of friends and that with him she could tie in their past and present because they knew each other’s hurt, it stilled my heart. And when he commented he valued her friendship and trust, I almost wept; such a touching scene that this reader will not forget, one of many in this wonderful book. Ms. Ceely weaves a fascinating story about Mina and Mr. Serle that is more than elegant, and the narration puts one among the characters. It is rich and full of love and romance in its own special way. The interesting characters, along with great visual detail that flows smoothly throughout, made this well-written story feel as if the reader were stepping off that ship and arriving in America, right along with Mina.

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