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ISBN# 13: 978-1-59279-653-3 (Electronic)
ISBN# 13: 978-1-59279-698-4 (Paperback)
January 2007
Amber Quill Press, LLC
Price: $5.25
241 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Brianna Macgregor, first grade teacher, is too busy for a social life until Cable, the new kindergarten teacher, arrives and her life takes on a whole different spin.

Cable Addison wanted a quieter life than being a Navy SEAL, so he settled on working in an elementary school.

Brianna keeps busy not only working as a teacher but part-time work doing financial reports for Ken Salzer. Dating is just not on her agenda until she sees the new kindergarten teacher and her knees turn to jelly. Her father feels like she should be serious about Ken, yet he has not really paid her any attention until Cable breezes into town. Cable knew teaching five-year-olds was going to be a challenge but he had hopes of settling down and finding that one woman to share his life. One look at Brianna and it was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. His biggest test will be convincing her that he is the man for her. Brianna and Cable begin to date and one thing leads to another until someone sparks a rumor about faculty and inappropriate behavior and Brianna wonders if the school board will believe her side of the story.

Brianna’s Navy SEAL is passionate and romantic. Brianna and Cable are lovely characters, refreshing, delightful and full of zest as they fight obstacles to reach for that everlasting love in life. They make a sweet couple that this reader cheered for all the way. Cable, with his sexy appeal and Brianna, with her gusto, when paired, send off electrical shocks. Ms. Damschroder pens a wonderful romance with a touch of conflict and well-rounded secondary characters to keep the story moving consistently. She instills a great plot, and a touch of mystery in one book that should not be missed.

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