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ISBN# (10)0061253626/(13)9780061253621
August 15, 2007
Avon (HarperCollins Publisher)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve Farady is no ninny at the age of twenty-three. She is well to do even though her family is not fabulously rich or titled. After she is asked for a dance by the most eligible bachelor in London, she tries to fight the increasing temptation.

Aubrey Ashford is a handsome bachelor that carries a deep secret. He finds Eve quite enchanting, and could possibly be her soul mate. He may be confused, and often deluded by his identity, but one thing is certain, his feelings for Eve are genuine.

Eve finds it hard to believe that Aubrey invites her to dance then wishes to court her. She feels treasured and excited by it all. But she must be careful of her heart. When he asks for her hand in marriage, she does not understand his motives for so quickly wishing to marry her. Aubrey tells Eve she is different from any woman he has met. He wishes for her to bear his children. He believes life is an adventure and he wants her to step inside with him. Eve agrees to be his wife and to live at his home at Fair Isle. The courtship and marriage takes her by storm so that she hardly knows anything about the real Aubrey. She is surprised to learn he has a sister, yet never invited her to the wedding. When Eve meets her, she appears a bit strange which leads Eve to begin her own search into Aubrey’s background. As she unravels a mysterious secret about Aubrey she wonders if she made the right choice in the marriage.

This captivating read is not only beautifully penned but the writing makes the reader feel as if they are in that time period. Bride Enchanted has remarkable characters that keep the story moving at a consistent pace. I could feel the love blossoming between Eve and Aubrey each time they were together. Eve has a strong backbone that keeps her steadfast in her actions. She is certainly no naive little girl. Aubrey has his own traits that show his strengths and weaknesses, but with Eve by his side, everything works well for him. Edith Layton weaves a beautiful love story that captures the heart and had this reader rooting for Eve and Aubrey every step of the way. There were many times I was caught up in the magic. This fabulous read is pure joy and delightful in every way.

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