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ISBN# Not Available
April 2005
By Grace Publication
E Book
$ 8.75
241 Pages
Christian Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Crystal Can Break by Linda Lattimer

This story offers a second chance at love.  Obstacles abound when mother and grandmother, Mary, announce her plans to remarry, raining chaos on the Christmas Holiday.  When the grandchildren put their heads together and film a tape expressing their feelings, the results are surprising.  Are Mary and Glenn doomed to spending their remaining years alone?

The Best Man for Kristie by Rebecca Goings

The Best Man is about waiting on God.  Kristie Carter is the maid of honour for her best friend Sophie.  Self-conscious about her weight, Kristie is sure she will be an old maid forever.  When the best man turns out to be Nick Bainbridge, the man she has had a crush on for two years, she is determined to keep her feelings secret.  Slowly Nick brings her out of her shell, but Kristie is convinced he could not possibly want her.  Is Nick playing a cruel game?

Sukie's Dance by Laura Hamby

Ms. Hamby writes about a woman with a guarded heart.  Sukie Adams is asked to be the maid of honor by her youngest sister Zandra and fiancé Tom, who dropped Sukie after meeting her sister.  Feeling betrayed, and having to endure the sight of her ex- boyfriend is a lot to bare.  Sukie, in her own classy and quiet way, gets through it. David
Ballard, Tom’s cousin and best man, admires her quiet grace and tries to encourage her to let the past go.  Their witty repartee and easy conversations wear Sukie down. Will her baggage prevent her from seeing the growing love in his eyes?

This anthology shows three distinctly different love stories, all demonstrating the power of love and faith.  The story lines are all quite believable, the pacing just right.  I cried a few tears during the reading of each.  This book truly touched my romantic heart.

Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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