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ISBN# 9781933836447
November 2008
Medallion Press
8988 South Sheridan Road, Ste. L, Box 216, Tulsa, OK 74133
Mass Market Paperback
474 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah, the Gypsy Countess, ran away from an elderly husband her uncle sold her to. At one time, she thought she had lost nearly all of her family, now she has her two brothers as well as her cousin, Davy.

Gabriel was sold to a brothel when he was a small child. A beautiful boy and man, he is very successful, but dreams of escape. He cannot leave while the young English boy, Jamie is still at Madame Etienne’s. He has to keep him from the horrors he himself endured, and the boy has become his family.

The Earl of Huntington and his family are very grateful to Gabriel St. Croix, the man who safeguarded their Jamie during his five year stay in a notorious Paris brothel. They offer him freedom and the chance of a new life, and Gabriel is not foolish enough to refuse. The family considers him one of their own and Sarah, Lady Munroe, teaches him about friendship and love. But there are more adventures and dangers in the future for Gabriel before he can find his happy ever after.

Broken Wing is not a lighthearted romance. The story is very dark at times, and the descriptions of the abuse that Gabriel suffers could be upsetting to some readers, but the story is full of adventure and romance as well. The two main characters are very well written, and not the average couple. The former prostitute and the Gypsy Countess are well matched in every way, though Sarah and her steadfast loyalty is the more likable character. The rest of her family and Valmont are very well described as are the various villains of the piece. Though it is sometimes hard to read, this book is also impossible to put down.

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