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ISBN # 978-1-59632-239-1
February 2006
Loose Id
123 pages
LGBT Science Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

As a politician, Nick Farr is used to the dog-eat-dog world of politics. He has the best interests of his people at heart and is incensed when he becomes the victim of a smear campaign. The Protectorate has decided that he is in the way of their attempt to take over and is doing their best to rid themselves of him. If Nick wants to clear his name, he must find someone with the necessary technical expertise who cannot be bought by his enemies. He ends up finding much more than he ever expected.

Justin Hobb makes no bones about the fact that he is what he is, a hacker for hire. Even though he hires out his services to the highest bidder, he has his own code of honor that he will not break. When Justin realizes that the man who hires him is as honest as a politician can get, he resolves to do his best to help Nick the best that he can. What he does not count on is the feelings that he unexpectedly develops for the man.

This book does work as a stand alone but as the sequel to Buildup: Mindscan, it gives us another look into a fabulous futuristic world that is very thought provoking. The scenes flow smoothly from one to the next and the futuristic setting creates an appropriate atmosphere for a tale of love and political intrigue. The Protectorate is as evil a political organization as they come and their machinations make for interesting conflicts throughout this sensational series.

Nick and Justin are very complex characters who are well suited to each other. The love scenes between them are hotter than five alarm chili and sure to warm up the coldest winter's night. Ms. Jones continues to give us fabulously creative stories with intriguing plot lines. Her work exhibits a lot of creativity and sensitivity. I recommend Buildup, Pulling Strings to anyone who loves a great futuristic love story. More please!

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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