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ISBN# 9780758219237
August 2007
Kensington Aphrodisia
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance/anthology
Rating: 3 Cups

Kink, by Amie Stuart

Cherise is a bit of a rolling stone. She has no permanent home or permanent relationship. Her current job is not turning out as well as she planned either, except for the good-looking air conditioning repairman.

D’Angelo thought that he was a player until he met Cherise. She introduces him to things that he has only heard of and now he is addicted to her.

When D’Angelo meets Cherise at his aunt’s hair salon, he never imagines the twist and kinky turns his life will take, until they scare even him.

This is a pretty explicit tale and not for the faint of heart. The two main characters get pretty out of control with bisexuality, multiple partners and a little BDSM. The dialogue is very ethnic and often crosses the line into crude. The story makes sense at the end, but the journey there takes some pretty unusual turns.

Down and Dirty, by Jami Alden

Taylor has worked very hard to rise from that trailer park in New Mexico to her current position as a venture capitalist. She does her best to hide her humble and embarrassing beginnings.

Joe is a very successful landscape contractor. College was not for him, so he threw himself into his chosen career and flourished. He is attracted to the beautiful blonde next door, and wants a real relationship, not to be her dirty secret.

Two neighbors find passion together, but Taylor’s uptight attitude may keep her from the love of her life.

Joe is a very appealing and well-adjusted character. He is gorgeous, successful and knows what he wants. Taylor is a fraud. She is also gorgeous and successful, on the outside. Inside she is still the daughter of a poor waitress looking for love in a doublewide trailer. She desperately hides that part of her life, effectively keeping everyone out, but Joe finds his way into her heart. Unfortunately, he is younger and a blue-collar worker. I enjoyed watching him overcome her barriers without losing his self-respect.

Rock Solid, By Bonnie Edwards

Lexa Creighton is excited to be working as a landscape designer at Perdition House. Her great grandparents met and fell in love there and her fledgling landscape business will get a big boost from a success here.

Jake McKay is woken in the middle of the night with a job offer to restore Perdition House all the way across the country. The sexy voice assures him that he is the only man for the job, but he is reluctant to leave his grieving father. He never expects the McKay curse to kick in in Seattle of all places.

A weekend spent evaluating Perdition House for renovation could lead to much more for two hardworking contractors. There is much more to the former brothel than meets the eye. Lexa believes it haunted, and who is Jake to dispute it. His family is affected by a curse that tells them when they meet the loves of their lives, and he just got the electric shock from Lexa.

This is my favorite story of the book. Jake and Lexa are hardworking people put in a situation that is beyond their control, and they definitely make the most of it. Faye is an interesting character with her movie bombshell clothing, but the best character of all is the house itself. It really encourages the great love scenes.

This is a really good collection of erotic stories and it has a little something for everyone. All of the characters are well written and though some of the situations push the envelope a bit, they are equally well written. I enjoyed them all.

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