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ISBN# 978-1-4251-1353-7
October 2007
Trafford Publishing
Trade Paperback
210 pages
Science Fiction Fantasy
Rating: 1 cup

Nigal Bullstone is doing exactly what he has been told to do. But on his way to Batsbay he meets a man who changes his life forever.

Winston Lotti sees Nigal on the side of the road and decides to pick him up and help him out. Winston then makes a decision that will change the course of both of their lives forever.

Winston comes up with the brilliant plan of taking his two friends Nigal and Ramon camping. This one event will change all of their lives forever. Talked into bungi jumping, Nigal and Ramon have no idea what events are about to be set into motion.

This sometimes amusing story just does not quiet have enough pizzazz to make it a worthwhile read. The story line is slow and a bit boring. The story just does not ever grab the reader's attention. The only really entertaining part is the bungi jumping scene.

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