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ISBN: 1-59836-072-8
July 2005
Venus Press
$ Not Available
198 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

When Marassa and her partner, Walnik, crash their ship on Corella 9-C; they never expected their landing would benefit them both. Marassa links up with Cadan, a man who not only shares her defiance against the Concordance but also introduces her to a world unlike any she has ever seen. When his cause becomes her fight, she fears she will give up everything to take up a cause for Cadan.

Cadan Montgomay is a former Concordance officer. When he encounters Marassa after her ship crash lands, he has no idea she would practically heat his body and soul. When he sees how his fight to save his planet and its native centaurs from Concordance domination becomes something Marassa wishes to take part in, he sees her in a different light.

This was an enjoyable book to read. I liked the way Marassa stood up to Cadan after their hot lovemaking when she told him just because she was a freelancer did not mean she had no honor or courage.  I felt her hurt when she thought he considered her nothing but a common pleasure whore. I was glad when they were able to work out their
differences. I clapped with delight when Cadan said, "Marassa, will you pledge with me?"

Ms. Winter has written a rather different science fiction book. One that I am sure readers
will delight in as the galaxy soars with a big ball of giant heat that stirs the atmosphere when Marassa and Cadan unite as one. This book is one hot little meteor, sending enough fiery heat all across the universe to even cause the sun to sizzle out.

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