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ISBN: 978-1-906328-54-2
Nov 12, 2007
Total E-Bound
175 pages
Action/Ménage A Trois/ Historical
Rating: 4 cups

A Marriage of Convenience by Aliyah Burke

Ayanna Barker has never felt wanted. While standing in a line to get beer she saw someone she would not forget. It only took one look. Michael Taylor thought he had found a very desirable woman. He wanted her after one glance. Yet could there be more between them?

Ms. Burke shows that lust can turn into love if properly nurtured. It just takes time to understand one's feelings. Ayanna and Michael need to stop hiding from their feelings and embrace them.

In The Arms of A Pilot by Jennah Sharpe

William was the man Emmy planned on marrying, but when he is called to army duty early, she will have to wait till he returns from the war. Emmy goes to stay with her cousin, Rose and meets Ethan Grahame. Since he is Rose’s boss, she does her best to keep a respectful distance. She found herself wanting male company but did not want to betray William.

Ms. Sharpe shows us that life must go on. Emmy’s feelings are natural. She just needs to know everything will be okay. She is not looking for a new relationship but someone she can talk to. She needs a man in her life and hopes she can reconcile her feelings for William and Ethan.

Double Time by SL Majors

Trent Williams and Clayton Blackwell have shared almost everything since they were kids. They have even shared women, but never at the same time. When approached to share a woman together and with the money going to a good cause, they are not sure if they can turn down the offer. Both men are curious to see what the experience will be like. Micah cannot believe that she agreed to do this. Will she be able to follow through?

Ms. Majors writes steamy stories and I did not want to see the story end. It was too good and hot. I could not get enough of it!

From The Ruins by Bronwyn Green

Moira Boulton has heard all the lines by guys. When David Webber says she will be the mother of his future children, she just shakes her head. Yet, she could not keep her eyes off him. Her emotions make her want stop thinking at all.

This story had a lot of heart. It had me reading to find out what was going to happen next. Ms. Green wrote a very compelling story.

These four authors have fabulous taste in men. Whether present day or in another era, these men want someone to share their lives with. I really enjoyed A Marriage of Convenience and From the Ruins. They are stories with a lot of love that took time and acceptance. They are also wonderful to read because they are not set in the same time frame. Things got hot along the way and made my heart melt.

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