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ISBN: 1-58608-537-9
July 2005
New Concepts Publishing
194 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Hostage by Barri Bryan

Abigail risks her own safety to come to the aid of Raul, but he rewards her kind gesture by taking her hostage. When she sees inside his heart, will she be able to trust him with her life? Barri Bryan tells a tender, touching story of two lonely people, who find each other in difficult times

Virtual Love by Elizabeth Batten-Carew

Jerette only wants control when she enters the virtual reality realm, until she is pursued by a mysterious stranger known as the Phantom, who infiltrates her sessions, turning her deepest desires into reality. The Phantom has a way with his words that draws you in like a magnet with this expertise writing of Ms. Batten-Carew.

Forbidden Fruit by Jaide Fox

Lord Dominic must impregnate lovely Lady Lilith before the next moon to save his lands from withering and dying. Will Lilith accept his plan or deny him? Ms. fox lets you feel the trepidation in Lilith when she hears of Dominic’s loss.

Heart of Midnight by Kimberly Zant

Fate does a double whammy on Amy when it puts her in the path of a serial killer, and then into the hands of Kyle who uses his own brand of interrogation that can light the sky a blaze. Ms. Zant virtually pulls the reader into the travels of Kyle and Amy after her kidnapping.

Captured was indeed a good title for this selection of stories. Each writer weaves a dark tale that holds you spellbound as you enter the dark lives of the characters, wondering what will take place. In Hostage, I cheered when Raul finally came to his senses and went searching for Abigail. These compelling stories are written so strongly, one cannot help but be spellbound. Each of them indeed was well worth the read.

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