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ISBN #1-57344-156-2/1-57344-908-3
October 2002/February 2013
Cleis Press
216 Pages
BDSM, Alternative Lifestyles
Rating: 4 Cups

Carrie is unlike what most would expect of a sex slave. She is a brilliant Ph.D. student studying comparative literature. Through her fascination and intrigue in a man named Johnathan, she starts as a novice in the world of domination and submission. Through her journey she comes to terms with trials she must endure, as well as the psychological changes she undergoes due to her training and conditioning.

Johnathan is a very meticulous man who knows exactly how he likes his pleasure. Taken with Carrie, he trains her to be the perfect love slave.  Carrie is the type of slave that is not only admirable, but one that he yearns for constantly. His training lessons for Carrie force him to reanalyze things he never imagined.

The story listed in this book is unlike anything I have read. Carrie’s Story speaks of the transition a highly educated woman makes through the BDSM scene as she changes from being a “pony”, which is known in the BDSM circle as a sex slave, to then learning the art of being “sold at auction”. Through the journey of discovery and self analysis, Carry takes the reader on a very explicit account as to the very mysterious world of mastery and submission.

This is a hardcore BDSM book. It is not recommended for those light of heart. It is very graphic in detail and does explain many scenes that may make some readers somewhat uneasy. There was excellent development of characters as the reader is taken through Carrie’s exciting journey. Aside from the warning comments, I congratulate Ms. Weatherfield on an extremely wonderful book.  Through her use and knowledge of BDSM, this is a great book for those who are discovering the realm, or wish to expand their imagination.

Mila Bean
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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