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January 28, 2008
Aphrodites Apples
204 Pages
Paranormal Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma Hauser is a librarian for Rothbury House College. She absolutely adores her job, and getting the chance to explore a chest full of ancient books is heaven. However the books are written in Old Gaelic, which she does not read, but her obnoxious coworker does.

Archaius Mac Crae is a prisoner of the stone. He is in servitude to the person that summons him from the stone, and has been since 851 A.D. He is more than pleasantly surprised when he meets his new mistress.

Emma is in complete shock when confronted with Archaius. He is stunningly gorgeous with a fabulous body and long flowing hair, and he is here to do her bidding. But her shock soon turns to fear when she hears of the power behind the Gaelic tomes that were in the chest. Archaius is sure that Emma is in danger from her coworker Darrell MacIntosh. The MacIntosh were the ones to enslave him, and have passed him down for generations. Archaius will do everything in his power to keep Emma safe. She is his soul mate even if she does not know it yet.

This erotic and sensual story will keep you breathless right through to the end. The characters are positively wonderful. Emma is lively, fun, and her plumpness makes her character very endearing. Archaius makes a fantastic hero by encouraging Emma to see herself as the truly beautiful woman that she is. I was enthralled with Ms. Blake’s story. If you would like a very sexy fantasy, this is it!

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