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ISBN: # 0-373-80236-6
August 1, 2005
Luna Books
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
409 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Seven years ago, after Kaylin Neya discovered tattooed children were being murdered, she fled the crime-riddled streets of Nightshade when she realized something was on her trail. Now, years later, children with the same marking are being murdered. She thought all of that was behind her but once again, the same dark pattern is emerging.

Kaylin is now a member of a law enforcement agency known as the Hawks, but Kaylin’s power in enforcing law is different from the human ways. Kaylin has magic and each day her power grows. She knows that out of all the children with the tattoos, she was the only one that lived. It is up to her to find the killer and stop the murders. With all the magic Kaylin has, can she stop these killings and survive the attentions of those who claim to be her allies? Two things stand in her way, a madman and personal demons both of which can do her harm.

This was a great mystery and fantasy in one book. When I read the Four Corners were almost tomblike in their silence, I could practically visualize the scene. That part alone was gripping in every word. The shape the story line took on was as if I were standing in that realm of fantasy. Ms. Sagara’s description of the Swords, the Wolves, even the Hawks and the city’s eyes and ears, was so majestically written that I felt in the center of
the who-done-it.

Ms. Sagara has written a unique book of mystery and fantasy that drew me completely into the book. The cover alone took on a suspenseful majestic view. All the splendid characters that Ms. Sagara incorporated in this fantastic tale will keep you turning the pages. I look forward to her next book and the continuation of her incredible characters.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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