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ISBN# 0-373-80244-7
August 1, 2006
Luna Books
233 Broadway, Suite 1001, New York, NY 10279
$14.95 U.S./$18.95 Canada
496 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kaylin Neya has a duty to supervise and keep watch over the streets as she works under the Lord of Hawks. As a Hawk, her first duty is to observe. When the Lord of the West March seeks her help, she studies the strength of her powers before she starts her quest.

Barrani Teela, a good friend of Kaylin and another Hawk, is caught up in a plot, with Kaylin, as others try to overtake the High Court.

Severn has watched her for over seven years, as her protector. He was the one who nursed her back to health after he found her alone all those years ago.

Kaylin has no desire to learn her hidden talents as she tries to ignore the strange tattoos that grace her, thanks to a former fief, the outcaste Barrani Lord Nightshade. Unfortunately, the Lord of Hawks demand she learn to control her magical talent, but the Imperial Order of Mages advises that unless she obeys, she will be tossed out of the Hawks. As if that isn’t enough, she suddenly is drawn into a situation that soon lends to more difficulty. The ruler of Karaazon is a real dragon, who knows of the marks that she wears, along with her magic. Considered the Dragon Emperor, his curiosity is piqued with Kaylin, and when a plot is produced to bring down the High Court, Kaylin finds herself in the middle of everything. Barrani and Kaylin are wedged in a precarious situation, as together they save the life of the Lord of the West March with her healing powers. But once her good deed is done, she learns that she has been targeted to help destroy the High Court. Once again, Severn stays by her side, making sure that she is not viciously ensnared in the evil traps set for her. Even with the help of Severn and Teela, it may not be enough if she cannot exercise her powers, in order to save mankind, without allowing the High Court to crumble.

Cast in Courtlight, follows the first story, Cast in Shadow. Filled with a blend of conspiracy, some sprinkling of magic and intrigue, it engages the reader from the start. Kaylin is a strong heroine who stands true to her conviction and is not afraid to voice her opinions. Ms. Sagara has speared another great novel with this book. I love the way she pens Kaylin and Severn in this breathtaking story. She always has a way of blending in just the right amount of fantasy of dragons, magic and ambiance that creates a stirring read that captivates the reader while taking them to the center of the stirring action. Her words are so true to life, at times, the reader feels as if they are transported into the story, along with the characters. Another marvelous tale from a great storyteller and one extraordinary read, deserving of 5 Cups!

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