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ISBN: 8-0-9801780-0-2
January 2008
Helm Publishing
3923 Seward Avenue, Rockford, IL 61108
Trade Paperback
278 Pages
Historical/Medieval Romance
Rating: 4 cups


Emma of Fairfield enjoys her home and her family and wants nothing more than to take care of her people and raise her step-brother, William. She has just escaped from a horrible and abusive marriage and loves the peace and tranquility of her home.

Garrick of Hawkwood has been ordered by King Henry to wed Lady Helene of Fairfield, who has been recently widowed. Upon his arrival at Fairfield, instead of finding his bride-to-be, he encounters a castle full of women led by Helene’s fiery step-daughter, Emma.

Emma and Garrick are enemies from the start. She wants nothing to do with him and does not want him in charge of her father’s lands. He sees her as nothing but trouble with her constant lies. When King Henry arrives and demands their marriage, Emma and Garrick can only obey his orders. They soon fall in love, but danger from both of their pasts confronts them and puts their love in dire jeopardy.

Castle Ladyslipper is medieval romance at its best. The curse that causes the women of Emma’s family to only produce female children is an enchanting backbone of the story. Emma and Garrick’s love/hate relationship at times keeps the story very entertaining. Emma is a heroine worthy of the name with her spitfire stubbornness and love of her family. Her numerous aunts and cousins are a delightful addition as well. Garrick is the classic hero, strong, yet brought to his knees by the woman he loves. Lee Grantier’s writing is exceptional and will whisk the reader away to an enchanted time and place.

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