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Joe Grey Mysteries
Book 1 - Cat on the Edge
Book 2 - Cat Under Fire
Book 3 - Cat Raise the Dead
Book 4 - Cat in the Dark
Book 5 - Cat to the Dogs
Book 6 - Cat Spitting Mad
Book 7 - Cat on the Money (Published in Cats Magazine and
Book 8 - Cat Laughing Last
Book 9 - Cat Seeing Double
Book 10 - Cat Fear No Evil
Book 11 - Cat Cross Their Graves
Book 12 - Cat Breaking Free
Book 13 - Cat Pay the Devil
Book 14 - Cat Deck the Halls
Book 15 - Cat Playing Cupid
Book 16 - Cat Striking Back
Book 17 - Cat Coming Home

ISBN# Paperback-(10)0-06-057813-0/(13)978-0-06-057813-8/E-book-(10)0-06-156508-3/(13)978-0-06-156508-3/Hardcover-(10)0-06-057810-6/(13)978-0-06-057810-7
January 2008
Avon (an imprint of HarperCollins)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Tomcat Joe Grey, along with Dulcie and Kit, cats, find themselves once again helping to solve a crime. Their wily feline skills often are sharper than some of the humans doing their own investigation.

Cage Jones is someone not to mess with especially when he breaks out of prison and goes after the person who put him there. Eager to make the person pay for turning him in, he heads to Molena Point, taking matters into his own hands.

Joe Grey often enjoys just lounging around the local police department in Molena Point, California. He, along with Dulcie and Kit, volunteer to help whenever there is a murder, kidnapping or any other deed that calls for assistance. With their aptitude to see and smell where humans often miss, they have the uncanny ability to venture into crime scenes overlooked by others. Dulcie is the one with the problem it appears when her dear housemate, Wilma, comes up missing after Cage Jones makes a daring escape. Dulcie is certain foul play is involved as they quickly learn she is abducted. All seems to get worse when the niece, Charlie, is also kidnapped. Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit work non-stop to find Cage, and his partner, and rescue their beloved friends. The spiteful criminals may have some tricks up their sleeves, but the cats prove to be much smarter especially when they find some others to join in their search.

Once again Shirley Rousseau Murphy weaves a stimulating read with believable felines coming to the rescue. I love the way she spins these tales allowing the cats and humans to practically intermingle with each other. Cat Pay the Devil instills some clever maneuvers and communication skills among the characters. This is an enjoyable tale that leaves the reader wanting more stories about Joe Grey and his sidekick friends. Action-packed and thrilling from the beginning, this tale truly entertains. Ms. Murphy’s storytelling draws me into the feline world and allows me to enjoy every moment of the hunt.

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