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ISBN #Unavailable
November 2005
New Concepts Publishing
71 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Aria Jenkins wins a vacation to stay at an exclusive resort, not knowing it is a setup by aliens intending to kidnap her. She is supposedly the bride and bond-mate of their King, Zander. Though Aria is supposedly his mate, she actually has strong desires for Captain Tai, brother to the king. Eventually Aria believes Tai is wrong, that he is her bond-mate.

Captain Tai Gaman has a mission; capture and bring back the bride of King Zander. After he abducts Aria, he finds his desire for her is out of control. Tai believes the psychic link he has with his twin brother is the reason for the attraction to Aria. Though his desires for Aria are strong, he refuses to believe she could be his mate.

Zander is King to a race of people who can detect their mates. He has sensed that his soul mate is on earth and sends his brother Tai to bring her back to him. Zander and Tai
are twins with a strong psychic link. Upon the death of their parents, Zander was made the King of their people. Now he needs his mate to be complete.

Aria has strong sexual urges due to the mate bonding that has been awakened in her. She only wants Tai though. He finally admits that he loves Aria and tells Zander he is unable to give her up. When Aria meets Zander, she realizes she has feelings for him too. She is unable to understand why her bonding feelings are strong for both men. Could they both be her soul mates?   

This book is extremely HOT! These aliens definitely know how to sexually party. Ms. Batten-Carew had me squirming in my seat while reading this story. This book was so great I want to read more stories by this author.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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