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ISBN# 978-1-897445-01-3
March 2008
Champagne Books
153 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Crenshaw Poe was a Baptist minister, devoting his life to God and his family. One torturous night took that all away. Now Crenshaw is a horrifyingly unique vessel of evil, bent on destroying all life that comes into his lair.

Brent Dodd is a student at the University of Mississippi. One phone call from his mother, and his life would never be the same. His little brother had been mutilated and murdered. Brent vows to find his killer, and hopefully save his mother from a broken heart.

Crenshaw Poe is no longer, he is now known as the Cemetery Thing. Crenshaw lost his humanity to an evil and malicious man. One night of extreme torture brought about a change that would forever haunt the people of Cotton Gin. Autumn Ridge Cemetery is the sanctuary of Crenshaw, and any person unlucky enough to enter its domain pays with their life. Edgar Poe is a descendant of Crenshaw’s, and he makes sure that there is always a fresh supply of souls for Crenshaw to torture. Blake Dodd happened to be one of those unlucky victims, and Brent is determined to stop the creature at any cost. The local law enforcement has been of little help until Chief Deputy Peyton Harper takes the reins. He can no longer sit by and allow the deaths to continue. But is there anyone capable of stopping evil incarnate?

This story is a glimpse into the heart of evil. The pain and torture of Crenshaw is vividly described, and the fracture of his soul is inevitable. Mr. Latch takes every one of his characters to the brink of sanity, and then pushes them over. This is every nightmare story of cemeteries all rolled into one. If you want a good scare, this is it. Read with a light on!

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