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ISBN# (10)0758220650/(13)9780758220653
August 2007
Aphrodisia/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
295 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Alyssa Moss has been raised by her family her whole life to feel that she is inferior, fat, and not very smart. Even her roommate treats her like a second-class citizen. Sickly and drained most of the time, Alyssa is on a cupboard full of medications, all of which do not appear to be working too well for her. The only relief she gets are dream visits from Stone, a man who does everything short of taking her virginity and makes her feel as though she is special and loved. She does not know that these encounters are to feed her, and that she and Stone come from a race who survive on sexual energy. She does not believe that Stone is a real person, but her heart wishes he was.

Stone has been searching for the kidnapped princess of his people for a decade, and while he is able to visit her in dreams, he has yet to be able to pinpoint her location. He is desperate to find her because her mother's health is failing and he and her people need her. Stone has already fallen in love with Alyssa, but he knows that once he finds her, explaining that she is from another world and what that entails is going to be a lot for her to take in. Still, he knows he must find her and soon.

When Stone does catch up to Alyssa, she is walking home late at night and mistakes him for someone who is going to attack her and fights him, at first. When she does realize it really is the man from her dreams, she is stunned to find he is real. When she discovers that Earth is not her true home, she is more than willing to leave it and all the abuse at the hands of her adoptive parents and so-called friends behind. Stone takes Alyssa home where she is reunited with her parents and her people who call themselves the Klatch. However, the Cunts who stole her when she was a baby have their own agenda for taking over Alyssa’s home world and they are not going to let this little setback stop them.

Ceremony of Seduction is the perfect erotic read with just the right touch of paranormal. Ms. Ryan’s world building is well defined and beyond extraordinary. Alyssa as the perfect princess is just too delicious! Since she has never been treated as though she has any worth, reading about her blossoming from wallflower to powerful princess is absolutely divine. Stone’s obvious love and caring towards Alyssa, even when only in dreams, makes this book one to be treasured. The lovemaking is always flavored with caring and strong emotions and one of the reasons that I read this book in nearly one sitting. A couple of sequels are hinted at, and I for one cannot wait! Ms. Ryan’s Ceremony of Seduction positively sizzles and is not to be missed!

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