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ISBN#: (10)0-7582-2260-2/(13)978-0-7582-2260-2
October 2008
Kensington Book
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
150 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Robert suffers mentally and physically after serving in the war. Lonely, with no one, he adopts a puppy, until Laura enters his life and his whole outlook on life changes.

Laura was drifting at sea when Robert came to her rescue. When she goes in search of the man to thank him, she seems to lift his spirits and remove the sadness from his voice.

Robert believes as keeper of the Cape Fear lighthouse, it will be the perfect spot to live in solitude as he works on his writing. He tries to nurse his crippling memories of the war and his disability. He adopts a puppy to keep him company. Meteor, a golden retriever, is highly alert to his master’s feelings. After Meteor spots a body adrift during a storm, Robert goes to her rescue. Her name is Laura and in no time their friendship grows. Laura is able to understand his disability and what the war put him through but is it enough for the two to find love with each other and face any barriers along the way?

What I found so delightful about this divine book is how the story speaks through Meteor, a golden retriever. The way Sally Smith O’Rourke delivers up this heartrending tale captivated me at every turn, not to mention captured my heart. She details a story that I could visualize every setting, as well as share in the pain that Robert suffers during the war, with his injuries, and his friends. There were some moments I found myself relating so much with this story. His in-depth love for Laura and his companion, Meteor is exceptional. Christmas at Sea Pines Cottages goes the distance in this remarkable read. It shows how far love can be doubled and tripled. If you have ever shared a deep devotion for anyone, I urge you to read this story. It leaves an impression that is hard to release.

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