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ISBN# 978-0-385-52245-8
October 30, 2007
Double Day (Division of Random House)
Bantam Dell, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Hard Cover
$14.95 U.S./$21.00 Canada
122 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Katherine is the mother who holds her family together. She has always taught her children good morals while trying to cope with the fact her husband has Alzheimer’s.

The Tenley sisters - Isabella, Victoria, Cassandra, Alexandra, Adrianna, and Julianna

Isabella is anxiously waiting news about a child she hopes to adopt. Considered the private sister, she does not wear her heart on her sleeve.

Victoria is a single mother about to encounter a very handsome and interesting neighbor.

Cassandra is a mother trying desperately to embrace Christmas without her deceased baby boy as she learns laughter often helps the slow healing pain.

Alexandra yearns for a lost loved one, while simultaneously waiting for word from her doctor about an uncertain diagnosis.

Adrianna is known as the peacemaker of the family, if only she could do the same in her marriage.

Julianna considers herself someone who knows about children. She is about to learn a young man is very fond of her.

The holiday season can be bright or bleak for some during this time as families come together. Katherine spends her day visiting her ailing husband, feeling comfort with their visits. Teenager, Julianna, is paired with Jason Green during church services and finds young love. Adrianna struggles with her broken marriage. While her husband wishes spontaneity, she likes to plan by the book, but a tiff over cranberries could change things. Victoria purchases a townhouse only to find an interesting new man makes her tummy feel the Christmas spirit. Alexandra misses her deceased grandmother but feels her presence as she waits on word about her resent biopsy after her mammogram. Isabella anxiously waits to hear that the Nuns can bestow upon her the child she desperately needs in her life. As each share their own vignette for the holiday, they learn whatever obstacle they face, a special loved one has always been there as an excellent role model, giving them the true meaning of the Christmas spirit every day of the year.

Christmas Lights evolves around a close-knit family. Each person has their own ordeal they attempt to understand while trying to keep a smile on their face. Just reading about the girls ringing the doorbell and entering the house with their own trait they brought into the home, was like opening a Hallmark card and watching everything unfold into a masterpiece. Each page showers with tons of love and holiday spirit. I believe whoever reads this timeless piece of art will be affected in some way. The moment I read about going inside the house with the photographs displayed, and the albums, my heart leaped with joy. Ms. Naman pens an extraordinary tale that leaves the reader filled with incredible joy. This is one priceless read that should not be missed.

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