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ISBN: # 1-4199-0283-0
July 2005
Ellora’s Cave
142 Pages
Romantic Comedy / Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Cinderella loathes the idea of scrubbing the castle floors and marrying a prince. She wishes to own a condominium and live in Florida. She decides to escape her fairy tale and find a handsome man in the mortal world. When she meets the man who fulfills her every fantasy, she refuses to return to the book and live a dull life.

When Derek, King of the book realm of the ISBN, hears that Cinderella has escaped, he vows to hunt her down. Her rebellion has stirred up other fictional characters. Once he sets his eyes upon her, he is lost in uncontrollable desire. Their passion turns into a raging inferno threatening to scorch the pages of the book world. Can he make her see it is necessary she return to the fantasy world? Or will he choose to stay in the real world with her?

This is not your basic fairy tale. Cinderella wants to lose her virginity and Prince Charming wants to go to South Beach after viewing tapes of men with huge biceps. I loved the part where Derek turned himself into a dog and thought Cinderella was going to neuter him. When he said he would live with her forever no matter how old and saggy they became in the mortal world, I clapped with joy. She did not care if she had to scrub floors or pay bills as long as she had him in her life.

This is a warm, witty, fun book to read. Ms. Valentine has written a book that gives thought as to what would happen to the characters in our fantasy world if they jumped from the pages of the book. This is a class A book. Definitely a keeper. It made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions.

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