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October 2007
Freya’s Bower
68 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Charles Witmore, Esquire, is a self- made business man. Having created the most glamorous hotel in Los Angeles, California, The Winmont, he routinely welcomes celebrities from the movie industry. Never the less, he is instantly star-struck when Bridget Phillips, up and coming starlet graces his lobby. He is hit with an uncharacteristic shyness that makes conversation difficult.

Bridget Phillips, is used to men stumbling over their words while speaking to her but in Mr. Witmore, she finds an uncommon gentleness, which is quite different. Feeling like he can see right through her, she none the less is attracted to the hotel owner. Keeping up appearances is always paramount to her career so she acts the Diva and asks for him directly.

At a private dinner orchestrated by Charles three female friends, Betty, Eleanor and Tessa, Bridget and Charles find a lot in common and quickly become comfortable with each other. While dancing the couple are interrupted by Bridget’s agent, Hal Gibbons, who insists that she should be seen by other actor’s not average people. The attraction is there, will it be explored?

Ms. Isabelle Santiago has written a moving chronicle of an actress’s life and the hidden secrets that haunt those in public life. Bridget shows a vulnerability that Charles notices right away, endearing her to him that much more. Their human frailties are exposed as Bridget deals with her demons the best way she knows how. Charles is left with a broken heart but love requires he try again, leaving open the possibility of new pain or even greater joy. This story had me crying for both characters and any romance reader would too. Great Ending!

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