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ISBN# (10) 0451461525 and (13) 978-0451461520
April 3, 2007
ROC/Penguin Putnam Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Price $7.99
384 Pages
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassandra, ‘Cassie,’ Palmer is as clairvoyant as they come. After inheriting magical powers, the psychic soon hears she has endowed much responsibility. She sort of has a crush on Mircea.

Casanova, a second generation one, was once Tony’s second in command. He feels that Cassie has a death wish and he does not plan to put his head in a noose to cross anyone.

Mircea is a five-hundred-year-old vampire, and Dracula’s older brother. One does not wish to make him mad.

Antonio, ‘Tony,’ Gallina is a master vampire and Cassie’s old guardian. He puts Cassie at the head of his list of people that he would love to see in an urn on the mantel.

Cassie is trying to locate Tony and she is certain that Casanova knows his whereabouts and just not offering any information. Casanova does not wish to be ruined by the vampire. If she can find Tony, perhaps the spell can be removed that has been cast on her. He informs since she is now a Pythia, she should use her own powers, and then again the spell may only be broken by the one that cast it. She is almost certain that Casanova is the one that tried to choke her when a strange presence overwhelms her. He explains that a powerful magic user has placed a claim on her, but really not a claim, something referred as a geis, a magical bond that involves taboo or prohibition over personal behavior. In no time the mage, feys and others come out to seduce her in some way to urge her to their side. Mircea, Dracula’s brother, was the one that placed the geis on her. The geis is used as an enchantment to keep males from claiming their mate. Mircea planted the curse and she can only be mated with Mircea, The Master of all Master Vampires. He is the one that can only choose to lift the spell. Cassie needs to break the spell as Pritkin, a mage, seems to follow her in all her endeavors. She does not even know how she really feels about Mircea and until the spell is broken, she will never know her true heart, as magical creatures desperately try to destroy her in the process.

If you love vampires, time travel, corpses, bloody-gore, ghosts, and a strong heroine then Claimed by Shadow spins with in-depth characters that are a bit fascinating in their own fashionable way. After all, vampires have their own unique pattern as they set out to gain what they desire in the world. Karen Chance spins some interesting circumstances that carry the reader into a dark world of events that practically leave Cassie unprotected. She develops a crop of individuals each with a personality of their own. She creates an intricate tale where the reader feels for the heroine with each turn of the page. With enough vivid characters to make their own city, this tale spins with a dark side that entertains.

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