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ISBN# 978-1-894936-83-5/None
June 2007/January 2013
Saga Books/Self Published  
212 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Wayne Cavanaugh, an engineering student at Drexel University, has had girlfriends before, but is looking for someone in particular.

Nancy Hammond always knew that her one true love was out there. She has observed and studied love for most of her life and knows exactly what she wants. A privileged student at Penn, she comes from a wealthy Californian family and is accustomed to the good life.

When Wayne and Nancy first meet, sparks fly. Even after Wayne attempts to break it off with her because of their social differences, they just cannot stay apart. They move in together and their families do not really approve of their choice to be together, but tolerate it nonetheless. Two people could not have been more in love.

Coinage of Commitment is a very unique, yet realistic romance. It is classic in the sense that the two lovers experience love at first sight and are from completely different backgrounds which threatens their love. However, the level of love and commitment that the two of them share is amazing. The brief glimpses into scenes from the character’s pasts helps to shed light on who they are in the present. Yet this is no simple story. There are surprises, joys and tragedies which await the reader. Mr. Costelloe has created a smoothly written novel of life, love and sacrifice.

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