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ISBN# (10): 1-60174-036-0 / (13): 978-1-60174-036-6
November 2007
Uncial Press, an imprint of GCT, Inc.
13 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

India Pottersby, resides with her brother, the Reverend Magnus Pottersby. She is dutiful in her role as the vicar’s sister and tends to the poor and sick as well as keeping house for her brother.

Peter Trevayne, just recently returned from India, is re-acquainting himself with all things English. He is visited by Reverend Pottersby, who gives him a bottle of wine made by his sister. He becomes intrigued when the vicar mentions that his sister is also making something called “comet wine.”

India has become enamored with the comet that has been visible in the sky for two months. She goes to a cemetery to enjoy watching the comet in peace. That is where Mr. Trevayne encounters her and together they enjoy the celestial phenomenon.

Comet Wine is classic regency. The characters are traditional yet colorful and spirited as evidenced through the fantastic dialogue. I particularly love the atmosphere of this novel with the holiday scenery and demure flirtation. Ms. McLeod has brilliantly mastered the elegance and energy of the era.

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