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ISBN: 9780600543463
March 2009
17 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Allison remembers the first time she ever met her husband. She was at the Harvard Law library and their eyes met across the crowded room.

Now years later, Ben still loves his wife as much if not more than he did then.
With an almost perfect life, he knows the one thing that could perfect it would be a child of their own.

After three years without birth control and countless trips for fertility, Ben and Allison’s love life has gotten quite stale and repetitive. Until the day Allison finds out about Taharat HaMishpachah, a ritual that is recognized through their Jewish beliefs as being a sure way to conceive. With this in mind, Allison begins to prepare her body with the weeklong ritual that may not lead to a baby but makes the anticipation that much stronger as well as the attraction between husband and wife.

Coming Clean tells the story of a couple struggling to conceive a child and still maintain a healthy and happy relationship. The strain it puts on Ben and Allison is very realistic and believable. I was very saddened by the emotional roller coaster that Allison experiences because of her inability to produce a child. Ben is such a romantic guy and understands his wife’s emotional struggle; it makes him such a perfect character for the story. In addition, the sex scenes are scorching and the ending will make any reader smile from ear to ear. How could any readers not find themselves enthralled by Ms. Crystal’s writing?

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