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ISBN# (10)1594269300/(13)9781594269301
August 2007
353 Pages
Erotic Anthology/Hot
Rating: 4 Cups


A granddaughter recalls how breast cancer and other ailments took a toll on her grandmother's life, and in a way made her stronger and did not fully damper her spirits.

Chelsea Summers shares a story that all granddaughters and mothers alike should relate with a loved one.


A young girl wanted breasts before she turned fourteen. She never realized that in the process something she desired so much might one day might only be a memory.

Alessia Brio shows how troubling times often allow one to reach out to others. Still with all the support one can offer, sometimes it is just not enough to help any sorrow.

Angel on the Wall

He is known as Peace, and he Kevin. Two troubled souls with almost the same common interest once they break the barrier and reveal their secret.

James Buchanan pens a tale of two people reaching out for something and finding it when they discover each other. I found this story quite enlightening.

If We Were

Magenta and Nick are friends, until one afternoon, they do a bit of sculpturing and exploring with their bodies.

Jeremy Edwards creates two refreshing characters that make spending an afternoon delightful.

Photographic Memory

Asia not only feels love but completeness with Natalie, until one day Natalie demonstrates how one intense sensual moment, is indeed picture perfect.

Harley Stone composes a tale that practically is perfection in itself.

A Town Called Night

For as long as Jaynie can remember, she has wanted to bite a vampire. Hal is more than ready to give in to the lady's request.

Sammie Jo Moresca depicts a hot sensual read that heats up during any time of day.


She wishes to be with her husband sensually but he believes a mother should not use such language. When they give in to their own little sensual game, fire ignites for the married couple.

Tomas Ohand shows how even romance with married couples need not be dead as he creates a sizzling delight.

The Wet Spot

Lola had never met any man with such sex appeal until she met Charlie. With less talk, and a bit more action, Lola and Charlie find just the right spot to fulfill their fantasy.

Carys Weldon crafts the perfect read to set a torch a blaze without any match.

Bound to Love

Michael, Earl of Longfleet, wishes nothing more than to be with Daniela. Dreams of her phantom lover haunt Daniela for years. Once their paths finally cross combustion flames.

Kelly Maher fashions a powerful read that captures the heart.

Ecstasy in E Minor

He is trying to stay alive wondering why any magazine would publish his words. Then out of nowhere a beautiful soloist steals his breath with fingers that strike pure ecstasy.

Laurence Doyen captivates the audience with a stimulating passion that blends beautiful music to the soul.

Domestic Goddess

Elizabeth enjoys being his slave while cleaning his house until the day he pays her no attention, and she becomes the Dom, showing him the real boss of the domain.

Lisabet Sarai weaves a tale that spellbinds the reader.

Making Me Do Things

Nick has ways to make her become passionate at the spurn of a moment. When he insists they have a moment on a revolving ride, it is one fake anniversary that spins wickedly.

Sommer Marsden sketches vivid characters that know how to have a frolicking good time.


Claire knows Isaac is dying and hates letting go. When she and Mary bond, they unite in a way that says, ‘stay with me forever’.

Selena Kitt pens a read that reaches into the heart and demonstrates how pets and good friends are hard to release.

Last Summer

Kate had a deep love for Tanya until the phone calls stopped. The sex had been great but now something told her, Tanya no longer wanted her in her heart.

Jolie du Pre’ blends a tight read that gives one thought. I thought the way she allows the women to put the children’s needs first was most commendable.

Nuevo Dia

He is seeking Lee Morgan, the owner of the boat. Lee loves to dive, but meeting Cole makes her feel a different love. She has a way of healing a trouble inside his heart. Together they can make all their days together new.

Kate Burns shapes a loving story between two remarkable characters that sizzles above and below the waters.

Discovery and Seduction

Rene Johnson has a strong desire for Coach Max Anderson. Of course Max has his own secret as Rene becomes the student in his hands.

Savannah Reardon writes a blistering erotic read that is hot to the touch of each page.

Not To Forget

Russo remembers terrible things that Castro did to his people. It is an event hard for him to forget, especially when it involves a loved one. The memory is often haunting.

Vincent Diamond spins a heart-touching moment of a man with a recollection that will never fade.

Sweet as Vanilla

When Janet meets Lily, she is fresh and sweet. The two become one magically. With no labeling or particular lifestyles, they learn of sharing love, and forging a lasting friendship.

Kis Lee incorporates an erotic tale that is naughty and nice.

The Glimpse

Ceci works in a newspaper morgue, the library and to some she looks like an unmade bed. Jim sees something beyond her appearance and he wants to be with her completely.

Robert Buckley creates a story that is so like many people today when they judge people and their appearance for the wrong reason, until one cleans the dust from the glass and sees the whole picture. Very well done.

Tree Hugging Can Be Fun

When Peter is sent to take care of the woman who will not leave the tree, sparks fly. McKenna soon learns fighting her strong desires for Peter may be harder than giving up the tree.

G. C. Rider blends great dialogue and motivating characters into a grand read.

My Right Breast

Sheila is not happy with what she sees staring back at her in the mirror and reconstruction will not make her whole. Her husband, Liam, has a way of showering her with affection to make her feel perfect all over.

Amelia June makes a great send off to the last story in the book. She creates an imaginative read that almost sets the reader in the center of the tale.

For anyone who has been touched by a loved one with breast cancer or any illness, I would highly recommend Coming Together for the Cure. Alessia Brio and the other talented authors create some uplifting tales that make the reader feel good all over. From grandmothers, and others, who have suffered with what cancer callously inflicts; this book will touch the heart in many ways. The reader really gets caught in all the diverse stories, and the characters, and often learns that life never offers any guarantees. This is great work.

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