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ISBN#: 978-1-921347-62-7
August 14, 2008
DCL Publications
232 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shawna Egan has her share of bad luck. She cuts down a dead tree, only to have faeries practically attacking her because of destroying their home. Then her car dies, and she must cash in a life insurance policy to buy another.

Malachi McCurdy works in pharmaceuticals. When he needs a cleaning lady for his housekeeping, he is lucky to find Shawna. Not only does she sparkle at housekeeping, he has a fond attraction for her.

Shawna finds comfort with her cats, Delilah and Keekers. She thought Mike was the man for her, but after they married, she lost the baby, then three years later the marriage ended. After cutting down a dead tree, faeries insist she find them another home. While trying to help the faeries, Shawna receives a call to clean a house where she meets Mal. He is wonderful to be around. Mal believes he is a fortunate man. He heads a pure sporting group and works in pharmaceuticals. He is love-struck with Shawna. When he is invited to meet her parents, he is thrilled. As Shawna’s relationship blossoms with Mal, she wonders how long she can keep the faeries a secret.

Not too many books give that real tinkling sensation when one reads about faeries, but Confessions of a Cleaning Lady is a true delight. I loved the reaction of the faeries and the way they emit their expressions. They have feelings, too. Shawna is a breath of fresh air. She has been slammed with so much in her life but her strength keeps her going. I love her spirit and tenacity. She and Mal are the idea couple and their romance blooms beautifully. Miriam Newman whips up enchanting characters in this invigorating read that leaves this reader truly satisfied. She brings imagination to life.

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