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ISBN# 9780973950250
August 2007
Enspiren Press/Grace Publishing
2060 Victoria Street, Box 193, Gorrie, Ontario, N0G 1X0, Canada
199 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Grace Harmony is an EMT with a rather extraordinary gift; she can touch the corpse of a murder victim and this allows the victim to talk to her. She is then able to go back in time and possibly prevent the murder. In the course of her latest rewind she meets the ex-husband of her victim Zach Holten and falls for him.

Zach Holten is a cop turned PI, and though he is now a private investigator that does not mean he has lost his cop senses. When he meets the woman who is renting an apartment in his ex-wife’s house he is suspicious. When he discovers she was involved with a murder in the last town he lived in that just about cinches it for him. However, his gut is telling him that Grace is not all that she seems. His strong attraction to her while not exactly unwelcome could be a problem when his ex tells him she is carrying his baby.

When Grace touches Zach she sees colors and visions of them together, and feelings of comfort. However, Zach does not believe in psychics since one led him wrong and caused the wrong man to be arrested, and for him to lose his job. It is only when Grace is able to predict a baseball game’s outcome that he begins to trust his instincts, and they fall in love. However, Grace is on a deadline and she must save Dolores, Zach’s ex-wife from being murdered before she turns 30 in a few days as at this time she will lose her gift. But something is going terribly wrong and Delores dies time and again forcing Grace to rewind over and over, and each time she finds serious changes in the timeline, and a Zach who has no memory of her or their love. Who is changing the timeline, and will Grace be able to stop this person before it is too late?

Corpse Whisperer has all the makings for a great romantic suspense, and I truly enjoyed reading it! Grace as the woman with a gift that she both loves and hates is very realistic. The whole premise of being able to rewind and change events is an interesting one. The fact that each time she had to meet a Zach that should not know her, but on some level seemed to recognize her was endearing. I liked how over each rewind his recognition of her though he had no memory of the previous rewinds. I also enjoyed Grace’s way of recognizing Zach for who he was to her via the colors and visions. The emotions expressed between Zach and Grace are intense and well described. This is one book you will not want to miss!

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