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ISBN: 978-1-60168-122-5
July 18, 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
267 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

King Chance of Kion is on the verge of losing his planet. Two galaxies are colliding and Kion is going to be destroyed in the process. The only hope for his people is evacuation to a nearby planet.

Princess Valeen of Vestalumbria lives on a planet inhabited by women only. Her mother forced the men off their planet when she was just a young girl, and now rules with an iron fist. She tries to control Valeen’s life as strictly as she controls her planet.

Chance is desperate to find help for his people, and Princess Valeen is the answer he is looking for. He just needs to convince her to help him, and learning of her planet’s aversion to men, he knows his work is cut out for him. Valeen is captivated by Chance, and wants very much to get to know him. He is one of the most gorgeous men she has ever met, and the only one to ever spark feelings of need like she has never experienced. Chance is just as enthralled with Valeen, and vows to have her as his wife. However, the fate of his people must come first, and their future well-being may be the end of Valeen and Chance’s relationship.

This story delivers a heartfelt attempt at high drama and romance in a futuristic setting. The characters are fun and energetic, but not quite powerful enough to engage the reader. The plot itself is easily predictable, but entertaining. I was amused, if not quite enthused by this story, and found it an easy read.

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