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February 2008
Kensington Brava
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kia is a warrior from the planet Nerak. There are no men there and they use mechanical men for sex. Her cousin Mala has moved to Earth and she made a promise to bring her back home.

Nick is a detective with both an overdeveloped libido and protective streak. It has gotten him into trouble too many times to count, but when he sees the beautiful woman so out of place in a biker bar, he has to do something.

Kia has traveled to Earth to find her cousin Mala who lives on a ranch. Her locator has broken and she is lost and unable to find her way. Fortunately, a police detective is willing to shelter a beautiful stray, even if he does not believe that she is not from Earth.

This is a fun paranormal romance that is a little light on plot but has a lot of humor. Kia is totally out of her element on Earth and has little or no idea how to go on. She does have a handy bag of diamonds to pay for things though. Nick has a habit of picking up strays, but Kia will test him. She says the most inappropriate things and lights flash when she eats or has sex. The reader will enjoy her introduction to Earth and its customs and Nick's frustration and embarrassment. Both main characters are well written and likeable. The love scenes are pretty hot. The villains of the piece are a bit bumbling, but add to the fun. I really liked the nerdy Weldon; Kia is his dream woman from another planet. The subplot of the drug pushing Russian Mafia worked well with the plot. This is a fun light read that you will enjoy.

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