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ISBN# 978-1-60272-054-1
May 2007
Amber Quill Press
46 Pages
Contemporary/Cowboys/Western (Modern Day)/Action/Adventure Heat
Rating: 4 Cups

Tabitha Conrad, Tab, is headed for the finals in her second rodeo season. Her big brother Gideon plays guard dog to reporters but she wishes he would stop scaring off prospective dates.

Wes Duncan works as a rodeo clown after seeing his brother and father killed by bulls in the arena. He will do what he can to save any rider on bulls or broncs.

Tab is a rider of bulls and bareback broncs. She is one bull rider to watch, and a package of dynamite who loves being a champ. The black bull, Big Trouble, that she chose to ride, is dangerous, even scaring the rodeo clowns. Gideon wants to make sure he protects his little sister, but he is not the only one. Wes will do everything to safeguard Tab. Wes finds Tab feisty and worries when she rides the bulls. He does not want to lose her like his dad and brother. For a long time, Tab only saw Wes as Gideon’s good friend, but one little close moment alone with him and she sees a sexy man that causes her temperature to rise. Tab is thankful for Wes’ help. In time, their attraction grows stronger. As their passionate romance weaves deeper, a close call for Tab could mean an end to any future for her and Wes.

Cowgirl Up lets the reader feel the adrenalin rush of the rodeo bull riding events. I love the spirited Tab who sets her goals and goes after them. Wes is caring and compassionate and when paired with Tab, fireworks ignite. Deidre O’Dare creates a fantastic story that kept me entertained. The secondary characters enhance the storyline, making this realistic read even more heart-stopping.

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