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ISBN# 97816060128261606012827
February 2009
Siren Publishing
329 pages
Chic Lit
Rating: 4 Cups

Kelly is a divorced mom of two. Her oldest son, Paulie, is the prized child of her ex-husband, David. The reason? He can play sports and be the prized male son that her ex-husband always wanted. Their younger son, Denny, was born with spina bifida. Kelly always knew that Denny’s condition embarrassed David. David’s lack of interest in their disabled son and his penchant for other women were just a couple of reasons why they are unhappily divorced.

Mart was involved in a car accident at the age of three. He has been in a wheelchair ever since. Disabled for the majority of his life has enabled him to excel at wheelchair sports. He has decided to use his talent to train others. When he meets a disabled boy named Denny and discovers that he wants to train for wheelchair athletics, he decides to become his coach.

Kelly did not believe that anyone would be interested in a divorced mother of two. She also felt that she could not possibly learn to trust another man after her ex-husband. Then Mart enters the picture. He and Kelly decide that it would be great for Mart to coach Denny and qualify him for the National Disability Games in Washington. But Mart not only takes an interest in Kelly’s disabled son, he also takes an interest in Kelly. After successfully qualifying, Denny, Kelly, her sons, and her mother take a cross country trip from Florida to National Disability Games in Washington. But the journey is only half the struggle. There is a budding attraction growing between Kelly and Mart. The problem is that Kelly has to accept the fact that Mart and her ex-husband David are two entirely different people and that it is okay for her to love and trust again. But can she do it? Can she leave David’s hurts in the past where they belong?

Worth reading. Cross Country Chaos is a well constructed story on the realities of life as a parent and divorcee. Mart is not your typical hero, which is what makes the story so interesting. Yes, he may be attractive but his true assets are his character, commitment, and ability to love. This story is a breath of fresh air from the inconsequential tales that we normally read. A hero and heroine with true character, valor, dedication, and even problems, are what set this book apart from the rest.

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