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ISBN: 1-934069-86-8
January 2008
Wild Child Publishing
78 Pages
Literary / Mainstream / Humor / Soft Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jake is the editor of a trade magazine for the laundry and dry cleaning business. By day he is the mild mannered business man with responsibilities and deadlines. By night he is still the lonely bachelor with a crew of buddies that get him into more trouble than he cares to think about.

Theo, or the Countess to her friends, works in a bar close to Jake’s called the Dom. She has been in and out of Jakes life for several years, but their worlds seem to orbit around each other, never quite connecting.

Jake, like most of his friends, seems to strike out in the relationship department. They seem to stick around for awhile, but when things start getting serious, off they go. Donna has come and gone a couple of times, Ellen came and then 'puff' she was gone. But in all that time there has always been one that struck a cord with Jake, and that was Theo. The craziness of Jake's friends has not waned, and the circus that is his life continues on. He is starting to feel the strain of bachelorhood and would like to have a stable relationship. This is hard to do when all of his buddies’ lives are in a constant state of flux, and he seems to be the go-between most of the time. Maybe it is time to move on and grow up, but can Jake ever give up Fun City for ordinary suburbia?

The life and times of Jake is once again fodder for a fascinating look into bachelorhood in the 60’s. New York City is at the heart of it all for Jake and his friends. Their stories prove that at some point we all need to grow up and move on. Their roaring twenties have up and gone, and now Jake is finally ready to be an adult. But did he wait too long to realize that there can be life beyond the Big Apple? The quick wit and humor are back with this second installment, and worth the read.

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