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ISBN# 1-58495-476-0
Disk US Publishing
64 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Luc is newly returned from his enforced trip to the Crusades. He has been gone for five years and spent four of them in a Saracen prison being tortured. He is searching for his wife, Genevieve, who disappeared shortly after her father forced him to join the Crusades.

Genevieve has been hiding from her father for the past five years. Her father, the Duc of Orleans, does not know that she married Luc, but he does know that she has a son. Her family and friends hide her and make sure that she is aware of what is going on at home.  

A newly returned Crusader, Luc has lost everything for the love of a nobleman’s daughter. He rebuilds his life and searches for the wife he loves dearly. While he searches, he restores an abandoned abbey and makes a home for his band of strays and the craftsmen he has freed from prison to help. Genevieve’s friends tell her that Luc has returned, but not where he is.

Luc is a very strong and sympathetic character. With the patronage of another nobleman, he builds himself and his friends a home out of the wilderness.  Genevieve is also a strong and likeable character. The friends Luc brings home with him are colorful, as are the former prisoners that he brings to live with him. Overall, this is a very enjoyable story.

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