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ISBN# 1-60154-353-0
September 5, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
268 Pages
Paranormal Black Rose/Spicy (Shifters/Vampires)
Rating: 4 Cups

Pita Sedgwick meets an old woman in a supermarket who claims to be a seer with an urgent message for her. Pita believes it an omen, like a disaster about to happen, until she starts seeing a strange wolf before her eyes.

Nikolae Ionesciu, or Niko, was born in Hungary, and grew up in Northern Romania, living among the Bohemian artists, painting and learning. His days are spent traveling between the United States and Romanian. He makes Pita’s acquaintance on the airplane.

No sooner than the words of the seer stun Pita, she heads home, to almost hit a gray wolf in the middle of the road. She sets out to visit the seer which only piques her interest about her family’s past that sends her on a trip to Romania for answers. On the plane she meets Niko and they instantly form a bond. While in Romania, he shows her the sights. As her search continues for answers, so does her relationship with Niko, along with imagines of wolves and shape-shifting. With each passing day, Pita questions, is it all real, or has it been lies and a string of fabrications, as Niko unlocks more doors for her.

Curse of the Marhime has instances that gave me tingling sensations down my spine. I was completely drawn to the storyline and love the little dark moments. From the shape-shifting, the gypsies, and the wolves, I found this an incredible read. The discoveries that Pita endures are quite heartwarming at times. Dayana Knight weaves a delightful tale, with two refreshing characters amidst some wild spins that even made this reader wonder who to trust. She knows how to keep the reader on their toes. If the first book is this awesome, I can hardly wait for the others in the series.

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