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ISBN# 978-1-59374-081-3
January 2008
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052, Casper, WY 82605-1052
E-Book and Trade Paperback
$5.99 E-Book and $12.95 Paperback
372 Pages
2 Novellas-American Western Romance/2 Novellas-Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups  

The Sheriff Takes A Wife

Summer Sanders puts her life as a model on hold to travel across country in search for her runaway sister, Autumn. She cannot believe Autumn would do something so foolish as run off and marry.

Sheriff Nathaniel Whitefeather left Minneapolis police force four years ago returning to Harmon Junction where he feels belonged. After pulling Summer over for speeding in their small town, he does not want her out of his sight.

Summer fears that Autumn has answered an ad for husbands seeking brides in a small town. Just as she enters Harmon Junction, a cop is on her tail. She cannot avoid another traffic violation but something tells her it is inevitable. Just one look at the sheriff in town, and she melts. The sheriff claims there is a warrant out for her arrest and she will be detained.

I love the premise to this story as well as the refreshing characters. The dialogue is sharp and Nathaniel and Summer make a great pair. This tale leaves no time to stop and pause as it rapidly carries the reader into a read that engages. The Sheriff Takes A Wife is one story I will not forget.

For the Love of Sapphire

Sapphire Jameson lives a lonely life as a spinster-schoolteacher. She always is there for her brother, George. After hearing that George has lost most of his inheritance to Patrick, she sets forth to pay the debt.

Patrick Falconer has never stopped loving Sapphire. Because of one stupid false report, he lost the love of his life. Now he will do anything to win her back.

Sapphire had loved Patrick. Patrick has tried to restart their relationship many times, but it was useless. After the death of his father, he keeps the steam-boats going with the gambling saloons. He will allow George to pay his debt, but in the meantime he intends on winning her heart over.

For The love of Sapphire is a poignant tale I enjoyed. The way Sapphire and Patrick were depicted, I grew closer to them. I could feel their joy, sadness and all their in-depth emotions. Even the traits of George, good and bad, cast a good impression on this reader. It indeed was a jewel of a read.

Princess Sapphire

Laura Woodbury does not believe at the age of twenty-one that she needs a guardian to run the ranch, but her father thinks otherwise.

Matthew Black is to be in charge of Laura and the ranch until another foreman can be hired. Laura may choose a husband, but it is he who gives the final approval.

When her father dies, Laura learns there are quite a few stipulations in his will. She is not too happy with the clauses. Matthew gets the impression that Laura has worn the pants in the family for many years while her father was living. Of course he admires how she wishes to accept responsibility. Still she is a bit headstrong and Matthew must show her that he is watching over her for her own good. When the two begin to feel a growing attraction toward the other, they put their heated passion to better use.

Princess Sapphire is a stunning read. I enjoyed the banter between Laura and Matthew. Sometimes it reminded me of a ping-pong match, the way they were sparring. This story kept me on the edge of the seat with riveting excitement.

Meant To Be

Nicholas Capri has been considering finding a wife, settling down, and starting a family. He gets his chance to play-act when he meets a beautiful red head on an airplane flight.

Margaret O’Hara needs a fiancé fast, so she urges someone she casually meets on the airplane ride home to play along with her game.

Maggie needs Nick to play along in a charade when she steps off the plane and greets her family. She needs a fiancé, and he is the perfect choice. The only problem, there is a baby involved and how will she explain that situation to her parents. Maggie has never been good at telling lies, but it seems this time they get bigger and bigger. The deeper they find themselves thrown together, the closer Nick and Maggie feels an impending love grow.

Dame Sapphire Treasures contains four outstanding tales that keep the reader glued. With some compelling characters, witty banter, and strong interactions that lure even the reader into the scene, this is one splendid read. Nancy Pirri has written four stories that make the heart happy, and bring a smile to the face. I absolutely loved all of them. It was like falling in love all over again.

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