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ISBN-13: 978-1-934135-93-8, 10: 1934135933
August 7, 2008
Zumaya Embraces: An imprint of Zumaya Publications LLC
3209 South IH 35 #1086, Austin, Texas 78741-6905
Paperback / E-Book
$15.50 / $6.99
279 Pages
Romantic Adventure / Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Alistair Eugene Holmes is the Guardian of the Living Five. He places the five Knights at certain points in time to correct the damage done by Gerand and his followers. It is his job to keep them safe, and return them to their proper place and time.

Hannah Jessup is the Assistant Curator for the university’s museum. She is pretty much the go-to girl for anything and everything that needs done for the museum’s exhibits. However she longs for a life of adventure, and hopes that her relationship with Dr. Cooper Dixon will give her that chance.

Alistair must get to the black onyx before it falls into the wrong hands. He knows that if Perlam (Gerand’s right hand) gets hold of the stone all Hell will break loose. It is the death stone, and anyone controlling it can wreak death and destruction on millions of people. The only problem is that the stone has been unearthed, and is now on display in the university’s museum. Alistair must retrieve the stone, and he can afford no distractions, especially the female kind. Hannah is all generous curves and bumbling sweetness, but her appeal is all too evident for Alistair. However her infatuation for Dixon and an adventurous life have blinded her to all other possibilities. Her parents have the perfect ordinary life, but she wants more. So why is the “ordinary” Alistair starring in her most heated dreams, and Dixon is becoming more of a nuisance every day?

This story is a journey of self-discovery for Hannah. Her preconceived notions about an exciting life are sorely shaken when she finally opens her eyes and her heart to new possibilities. I found this transition to be the most infuriating and ultimately captivating part of the story. The characters are enchanting; especially Alistair with his quiet strength and masculinity, and the plot is fun and entertaining. This is a wonderfully romantic and pleasurable read.

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