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ISBN: 1-59596-116-X
Changeling Press LLC
117 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Alana is a novice vampire who has been living under the protection of Master Zigor. When mind control classes begin and she meets the man who will be teaching the class, she is beside herself.  Not only is he handsome and sets her soul dancing in fiery little flames, but he is also arrogant and rude.  As the mind control classes grow more intensified, she learns he is a man with a dark secret.  He is also a man who needs the love of a good woman to help him unlock that secret and learn to love and trust again. She is determined to be that woman for him at any cost.

Disdain is a vampire with memories of the past that haunt him tremendously.  He does not wish for a relationship, so he is rude, arrogant and merciless.  When he has the pleasure of meeting Alana, he knows there will be trouble.  He cannot get her out of his system and he realizes he has finally met his match.  Can this woman be the one whot will open his heart to trust and love again?   

I absolutely loved this book.  Kate Hill had a great way of allowing the characters to butt heads.  I loved the way she wrote the banter between the two vampires.  Disdain was afraid to show his emotions until he really allowed his heart to open to Alana and she helped him to love and trust again.  That was the best part of the story for the two to finally repair the heart that had been broken and hurt.  Ms. Hill allowed the characters to still be like humans and feel pain and loss and I look forward to reading more by this author.

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