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ISBN# 978-1-59632-298-1
November 13, 2007
Loose Id, LLC
154 Pages
BDSM Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Marisol is a young woman who recently married. Though she does not love her husband, she cares for him. She feels that it is a good match, even though he sometimes hits her because his trade is one that ensures she will never go hungry.

Jarak is one of the raedjour, or dark elves. He cares deeply about Marisol but because of her horrible treatment at the hands of others of his kind, he holds himself back only being her friend.

When Marisol’s brother kills her husband, she does the only thing she feels she can; she packs them up and they run. Even though they are warned that entering the dark forest is dangerous, Marisol hopes the stories will keep the men after them from following. Instead she and Geriman are captured by rogue dark elves and repeatedly raped and abused. When Jarak and his men discover their wagon and dead horse, they realize the rogues have captured two humans and go to rescue them. Jarak befriends Marisol but keeps his distance until their mutual attraction takes over and he nearly does the unthinkable. Will Marisol be able to overcome what has happened to her to accept what Jarak has to offer?

Dark Elves IV: Dissent is one hot read! I spent some time fanning myself while reading it. The lovemaking is hotter than hot, as well as quite varied. I liked how the ruler of the raedjour was willing to realize that his people had not done well by all humans, and had thought about rectifying the problem. The wonderful extra artwork is an added bonus as well. The characters are realistic, and the culture and world building in relation to the raedjour is extraordinary. The conclusion to this story is very satisfying, and I highly recommend it!

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