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ISBN# (10)0345501551/(13) 9780345501554
January 29, 2009
Ballantine Books (Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
418 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dave Malkoff, considered the smartest operative in the field, has loved Sophia for the longest. When he is able to make known his true desires, it finally allows him to live his cherished fantasy.

Sophia Ghaffari was taken hostage but is now safe. After she begins a love affair with Dave, she believes she has finally found the love of her life.

James Nash fakes his death to help the Troubleshooters. He has two friends on the planet, one being Dave, yet Dave believes he is dead.

Lawrence Decker is a former Navy SEAL working with the other members of the Troubleshooters. Together, he pulls the team of investigators to find out the truth about the Agency.

Sophia has gone through a lot with the hostage situation. After Dave confesses his love to her, their romance heats up. She especially needs Dave after hearing one of their members, James Nash has been killed. Neither she nor Dave, nor Tracy Shapiro the receptionist, are aware Nash is not really dead. It was staged to make others think Nash was gunned down. Things turn chaotic when Decker learns about the attempt on his life. It seems someone is out to stop all the Troubleshooters. What will happen when the others learn Nash is not really dead? The time bomb is about to explode, and this time Dave, Sophia and Tracy may be the target.

This action-packed thriller, with the Troubleshooters, had this reader clinging to the edge of her seat as the characters all plunge into a mayhem of events that take them on a roller coaster ride. I loved how the characters had so many twists and turns that even they began wondering what path their lives would take as the plot thickens. Dark of Night evolves around romance among some of the couples, while suspense continues to build. I certainly found some hot action going on behind closed doors. What I admire about the Troubleshooters the most is how they watch each other’s back. Suzanne Brockmann crafts a romantic suspense with endearing characters that go the extra mile in this intense read.

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