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ISBN: 978-1-60394-290-4
March 5, 2009
New Concepts Publishing
170 Pages
Futuristic Fantasy Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

The feeling of utter abandonment is nearly as hard to bear as the torture Alora Bishop has faced. Her salvation comes at the hands of an immortal, but will the price of that rescue be more than she is willing to pay?

Something within called Garrett Firestorm to rescue the filthy bedraggled woman on the planet Delania. After holding her in his arms, and kissing her back to life, he knew this woman was his destiny and for eternity she would be his.

Alora is barely awake after her harrowing ordeal, but it takes no time at all before Garrett begins to bombard her with such intense feelings it is almost frightening. Her entire existence has been a sham, and she quakes under the onslaught of doubt and sense of betrayal. She knows next to nothing of this man who claims to love her beyond all reason, and what she does know is based on myths and legends. Garrett, however, knows exactly what he wants, and with Alora by his side, the universe will never be the same.

Dark Phoenix hosts a spectacular array of deities and demons, not all of which make sense in the total scheme of the plot. Nearly half of the story is one conversation replayed over and over, until you quite honestly wish that Alora would just shut up or put up. There are also so many superfluous battles both physical and emotional, that by the time the main event occurs, I found it to be almost anticlimactic. I also believe this story could be really remarkable if Alora were allowed to shed her childish demeanor and be a strong personality right from the beginning.

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